Company News

1mm Rental Case Studies 2019-04-06 Unilumin has further contributed to the rental industry by supporting high-end events worldwide with the award-winning Unano. Below are the highlights of Unano 1mm cases we are eager to share with you.
Unilumin Unano Design Awarded "Best of the Best" 2019-03-27 Unano - Unilumin's premium 1mm rental & fine pitch LED display - has just won the top design award "Red Dot Award 2019: best of the best". With its aesthetic and practical design, Unano’s superb visual effect, highly protective features, and conveniences power the demanding video solutions in premium rental events & broadcast applications.
Unilumin Launches UtileIII: Dual Modes, Double Revenue 2019-03-19 As an innovator in the LED display industry, Unilumin is launching an outdoor and indoor dual use rental LED panel - UtileIII.
Innovative Installation of Unilumin NPP(Narrow Pixel Pitch)Upanel at Sky TV Italy 2019-03-16 Sky Calcio (Sky Soccer), a famous sport show in Italian Sky TV Station, recently has reached a good partnership with Unilumin. On August 19, 2018, Sky Italia in Milano opened their yearly football sport season, a traditional show that includes live sport and technical analysis of the sport event. This year, there’s a new addition to the stage — one of the world’s largest flown of Upanel resolution LED wall, with large number of LED tiles provided by Unilumin.
Unilumin UpanelS in SIC Television Channel 2019-03-13 SIC is a Portuguese television network and media company, and their flagship channel is one of the biggest television stations in Portugal. In order to have better set design for their two brand-new studios, SIC chose Unilumin’s full LED solution after evaluating the proposals from several LED and LCD display product providers. By now, 57.5 SQM of Unilumin’s UpanelS1.5 and 12.6 SQM of Unilumin’s UpanelS2.5 was installed in the station successfully.
China’s LED Display Industry Wins in US Section 337 Investigation 2019-02-26 On February 21, 2019, China’s LED display industry has won a major victory in a U.S. trade investigation that has been going on almost one year. Based on withdrawal of the operative complaint by complainant, the U.S. International Trade Commission has determined not to review an initial determination and terminated the investigation in its entirety.
Unilumin Announces Establishment of Poland Stock Center 2019-01-29 In the first month of 2019, Unilumin announces the establishment of Poland stock center for better servicing the Eastern Europe market. As one of Europe’s most prominent companies specialized in supplying full-range multimedia services for big and small events, Visualsupport is going to take the role of Eastern Europe stock center operator.
2019 New Year Wishes from President & CEO of Unilumin Group 2019-01-01 Be the Leading Creator of Intelligent LED Display, Strive Together for a Win-win Future
“Unilumin Performs Well Among Listed Companies in Shenzhen, China” by Authorities 2018-12-05 The competitiveness of listed companies in Shenzhen is evaluated from FOUR dimensions: Company Scale, Development Potential, Management Capability and Social Contribution. Unilumin, a world-leading LED display solution provider, is among the best in the Management Capability sector.
Unilumin UpadIII Installed in Christ Place Church 2018-12-03 What started out as a way to serve its more than 8,000 members, Christ Place Church, formerly Blackshear Place Baptist Church completed its 78,000-square-foot new construction. Over 80 feet of Unilumin UpadIII screens, totaling 99.5 square meters (1071 square feet) were installed in the 2,000-seat worship center. [2] The project solution is provided by Georgia based company PRODUCTION/co, formally known as Cason Cleveland Productions.
A Great Honor for Unilumin —— “Individual Product Champion” by MIIT 2018-11-28 So far, Unilumin has obtained more than 630 patents and its flagship LED products have won many international awards, such as Patent Excellence Award in China, German IF Gold Award, German Red Dot Award, Japan G-mark Award, Most Influential Gold Award in Asia, International Design Excellence Award — Finalist and so on.
Unilumin Group Opens a New Subsidiary — Unilumin Germany GmbH 2018-11-21 Unilumin Group is pleased to announce the formal establishment of a new German subsidiary —UNILUMIN Germany GmbH. The new subsidiary will strengthen existing business relationships and develop the market in the region. Located in the German city of Stuttgart, UNILIMIN Germany GmbH is about to serve the growing markets in DACH regions, including Germany, Austria and Switzerland.