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About Unilumin


Established in 2004 with registered capital of USD 133 million, Unilumin Group Co. Ltd. is a leading LED application products and integrated solutions provider dedicated in LED product development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service in domestic and abroad. In 2011, Unilumin got listed with stock code 300232. With a corporate vision of “Display a glorious world and light up a happy life”, Unilumin contributes itself in delivering high-quality, high-performance LED products and solutions to our clients in over 100 countries and regions worldwide.

The company’s main products are high-definition full-color LED display and LED lighting. The sales and support networks of Unilumin has covered more than 160 countries, which has over 700 channels with subsidiaries in New York, Amsterdam, London, Moscow, Melbourne, Dubai, Stuttgart, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore and so on,  as well as having offices in Hong Kong, Italy, Canada, America and Mexico, etc.

Unilumin’s subsidiaries include ROE Visual and LAMP, Guangdong Unilumin, Angeled and Hanyuan Lighting.



About ROE


ROE Visual, formerly known as Radiant, is a Chinese LED display manufacturer aiming to provide creative display for stage, architecture, TV studio, etc. Founded in 2006, ROE Visual has grown to be the top brand LED rental industry. ROE Visual products are used for thousands of high-end events like The Winter Olympics, Asian Winter Game, Bon Jovi touring, Cold Play touring, Audi auto show, etc.



About LAMP


Founded in 2004, LAMP Technology designs and develops LED display products for a variety of professional markets and is one of the most professional Ultra High Definition LED display solution provider in China. LAMP products have been installed in more than 90 countries worldwide.

ABOUT Guangdong Unilumin


Guangdong Unilumin Energy Resource Co. Ltd. specializes in LED outdoor lighting solutions (including street lighting, tunnel lighting and canopy lighting) and EMC (Energy Management Control) solutions. There are many successful application cases around the world. 

Foreign cases: German streetlight project, French streetlight project, Italian streetlight project, Swiss streetlight project, Austrian shark series streetlight project, Florida streetlight project, etc. 

Domestic cases: Sichuan-Tibet road engineering project, the Guangshen streetlight project, the 107 national highway streetlight project, the Meiguan expressway streetlight and etc.



About Joyway


Joyway Technology is a featured supplier for LED products and system solutions, mainly engaged in OOH and architectural video lighting. Joyway is committed to becoming the leader in architectural multimedia facade solutions. 

About VF Lighting


Factory founded in 2009, brand launched in 2012, VF lighting is committed to a world-class professional lighting brand. As a domestic independent lighting brand with innovation spirit as our core, VF insists on originality and have been awarded 26 patents in utility model and 23 patents of fitting appearance, and 1 patent for invention. 

About Panasign


Panasign, involved in the design and implementation of floodlighting and lighting show projects of ultra high -rise buildings like Shanghai Center ,Dalian International Trade Center and Wuhan Green Center and so on. In the field of urban landscape lighting, Panasign has participated in some lighting projects such as Hangzhou G20, West Lake and Huangshan.

About Qinghua-Kangli


Qinghua-Kangli is a lighting engineering company which holds the C-grade qualification of Urban Planning granted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development of the PRC, the first-grade qualification of Lighting Engineering Design, the first-grade qualification of Professional Contract of Urban and Road Lighting Engineering, the first-grade qualification of Environmental Art Design and the first-grade qualification of Overall Contract of Environmental Art.